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Sellers and resale royalties

If you sell artworks, under the artists' resale royalty scheme you must:

  • make sure that each resale through an agent (such as a gallery or dealer) for $1,000 or more is reported to Copyright Agency – you can do this though your agent
  • make sure that any royalty due to the artist is paid

Paying royalties

A royalty is payable on a resale if:

  • you acquired the work after 8 June 2010 (there is no royalty payable on the first change of ownership after 8 June 2010);
  • the sale price (including GST) was $1,000 or more; and
  • the artist is Australian.

Buyers and resale royalties

A buyer can be responsible for payment of a resale royalty if there is no seller's agent and no buyer's agent involved.

A buyer is also obliged to provide information about a resale on request from Copyright Agency.


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