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Information for Artists

What the Resale Royalty Scheme means for Artists


The resale royalty scheme entitles artists and their beneficiaries to a 5% royalty on certain resales of their works.


The Australian government has appointed Copyright Agency to manage the scheme. Copyright Agency is a non-profit company that has been managing rights for authors, artists, publishers and others for more than 20 years.


To download our information sheet for artists click here.


Don't want Copyright Agency to collect a royalty for you?


An artist can instruct Copyright Agency to not collect a royalty for a particular resale, provided the artist gives that instruction within 21 days of Copyright Agency putting information about that resale on this website. We can notify you each time we put information about a resale of your work on our website.


If you plan to collect the royalty yourself, you need to be aware that only Copyright Agency, as the government-appointed collecting society, has the power to compel the provision of information by buyers, sellers and art market professionals and that this may affect your capacity to ensure payment.

Registering with Copyright Agency


To participate in the scheme, you need to register with Copyright Agency. You need to do this even if:

  • you are already a Copyright Agency member; or
  • you may want to instruct Copyright Agency to not collect the royalty for you on certain resales in the future.

Registration costs you nothing, but you must give us certain information (such as your nationality), and warrant that the information is correct.


Register as an artist or as beneficiary: click here


More information:

More information:

If you have a question about the Resale Royalty Scheme, Copyright Agency or anything else, please fill in our enquiry form

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